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  • Can I Provide My Own Event Insurance?
    Thank you for considering our services! Ensuring a seamless and secure experience is one of our top priorities. Per company policy and to uphold our commitment to safety and quality, we require the use of our own insurance for all events to ensure the safety of our staff and equipment. We understand wanting to ensure the best protection for your event. As part of our dedication to providing top-notch service while prioritizing the highest standards of safety and quality, we have already included insurance in every package. This ensures peace of mind for both our team and our valued clients. We've got you covered!
  • What About an Open Bar?
    The allure of an open bar event always seems enticing! However, it's important to consider the logistics and costs involved, especially in states like GA and AL where mobile bartending events operate under the states 'dry hire' laws - requiring the host to supply all alcohol options to be served. This law alone makes this a less practical choice for you as the host as open bar entails a significant investment on your part, from stocking all the various liquor options for all guests to covering expenses for more variety of premium mixers, garnishes, and additional staffing. What we do encourage you to consider is a more specific approach that reflects the essence and theme of your event! Think signature cocktails! This is just another area where we at The Tipsy Gypsy sets ourselves apart from the rest and easily creates an upscale experience for your guests. Imagine signature cocktails infused with personality, themed concoctions, or customized his and her drinks. They are a more tailored approach to match the unique ambiance and celebratory spirit of your event. Let's craft an elevated experience that becomes the most memorable for you and your guests!
  • Do I Need a Licensed Bartender?
    Ensuring a professionally managed bar service is essential for any event. It's important to note that while there's often a misconception about a 'bartender license,' as such a certification doesn't exist nor is required for a dry hire mobile bar. Certificates issued by private bartender schools are not licenses and are not regulated by the state - in fact, almost any one can pay $12 and become "licensed" online. So while a licensed bartender isn't the standard in our industry, what we highly recommend when considering services is that you look for at a bare minimum of an insured bartender service as well as professionals that exceed these standards. Look for bartenders or bartender services that hold additional certifications, such as ServSafe like we do. This demonstrates their commitment to safety and quality and recognized as the best standard on a federal level!
  • Do we travel?
    Yes! Travel fee's are included in the package price for up to 60 miles from either of our locations in Newnan, GA and Trussville, AL. After 60 miles, a $2 per additional mile charge is incurred. Please note, for multiple day events, such as a wedding rehearsal then a following day reception, the 60 miles is only included for 1 day. Day 2 requires a $2 per mile fee for transportation and/or lodging for the safety of our traveling staff.
  • What is a "dry hire" mobile bar?
    Due to state laws in Georgia, we are considered a “dry hire”. Meaning we cannot sell alcohol directly to the consumer. The customer is responsible for the purchase of the alcohol.
  • Identification of Underage Guests
    Celebrating your event with us means prioritizing safety alongside fun-filled festivities! It's important to note, in Alabama, the law unequivocally prohibits alcohol consumption for individuals under 21. Georgia's regulations permit exceptions for religious ceremonies and supervised consumption if purchased by a legal guardians and on the legal guardians private property. Upholding these legal standards is not an option for any professional bartender, we diligently require legal identification from guests. Valid forms of identification include a valid driver's license, passport, military ID, or identification card. Let's ensure a vibrant, fun celebration where memories are made responsibly and safely!
  • Where Can I Leave a Review?
    We love and appreciate all our reviews! They are what help us to keep the Tipsy Gypsy wandering! Here's how to leave us a review! Head to google: Click on "reviews" then "leave a review"! And ta-da! You're instantly one of our favorite humans!
  • What Kind of Glassware is Standard?
    At the Tipsy Gypsy, we prioritize safety and convenience for your events. When it comes to serving cups, we've carefully selected plastic for its practicality and safety. With plastic cups as our default choice, you can rest assured knowing your event is not only stylish but also safe. This choice not only minimizes risks at your event for your guests but also ensures a hassle-free experience for you on the day of your event. Want to elevate your experience? Upgrade to glass cups for added elegance and personalization, available within any of our package options.
  • What is the Standard Tipping Policy?
    Your satisfaction is our top priority at The Tipsy Gypsy, and our staff are dedicated to ensuring your event is nothing short of spectacular. While tipping is entirely optional, it's a gracious gesture to acknowledge the exceptional service provided by our team. Whether you choose to allow your guests to tip during the event by setting out a tip collector or more privately at the event's conclusion, your generosity is warmly welcomed. Your support not only recognizes our staff's professionalism and charm but also contributes to maintaining our high service standards. Thank you for considering this thoughtful gesture and for allowing us to be part of your special occasion.
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